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Is Your Burny in need of an Upgrade?

Here is a quick description of the Burny architecture. Most of the Pre Burny10 LCD Plus CNC’s are obsolete. This includes the Burny 2.5, Burny 2.8 DNC, Burny 3, Burny 4 (For all you Dinosaurs out there!), Burny 5 and the Early CRT based Burny 10’s. The 10’s are the only PC Based Burnys. The… Read more »

The Cost of Downtime

We have many customers who say they can’t afford to upgrade/retrofit their machines, they do not have enough time to do it either due to cost or downtime needed. However if you’re running a pre or early PC based CNC, DC brushed drives, or any other older equipment, then you may be in for some lengthy… Read more »