Retrofit Systems

Plasma Technologies can assist with a Complete Plasma (oxy fuel) Retrofit System for your cutting machine and get you up and running faster than others. Our reliable systems are available for anyone wanting to retrofit a cutting machine, without adding manufacturing time or increased overhead.

ESAB Retrofit

ESAB Retrofit

Plasma Technologies Retrofit Steps:

  1. Plasma Technologies performs an on site assessment to gather machine specifications and prepare for the upcoming retrofit.  In some cases a phone call and pictures will work.
  2. We build the drive system, CNC operators station and put together all of the components need for the retrofit at Plasma Technologies.  When this is complete we ship everything to the customer.
  3. Plasma Technologies arrives on site and pulls all of the old electrical components off the machine.  We then replace old with new (AC drive system, motors, gearboxes, cables, THC lifter, Operators CNC Stations etc…) and make sure everything is working.
  4. We perform machine alignment and make sure the machine is square and cutting smoothly.
  5. Plasma Technologies performs on site training for each user to make sure they are familiar with the new CNC and machine operation.
  6. We offer 1 year parts and labor warranty on all retrofits.  As well as unlimited phone support even after the warranty.

If your machine only has oxy fuel torches we can put together a complete system built to your machines needs. Plasma Technologies can supply you with everything, or just the components you need. Our Custom CNC Machine retrofits are built with your budget and machine in mind. We realize one size does not fit all.

Koike Retrofit

Koike Retrofit

For most businesses using CNC cutting machines, time is money, and the thought of unscheduled or scheduled downtime to have their machine fixed or retrofitted sounds impossible. However, a retrofit will easily pay for itself, as most machines will inevitably breakdown and create unscheduled downtime without warning. A retrofit will get you out ahead of the problem and allow you to keep cutting.  Our retrofits are designed to limit the downtime and we install over weekends to keep your down time short.

If you have an older MG, AKS Accu-Kut, SATO, ESAB or have any of these on your machine, Koike D11, D80, Picopath, an old Burny or MG Navigator its time for an upgrade.  We can provide a cost effective package for ANY brand of machine.  We also build retrofits for HVAC / Small cutting machines.

See why we are the #1 CNC Machine Re-builders for customers all over North America.  We have numerous repeat customers.

*We use CSA or equivalent approved components to satisfy machine inspections CSA Model Code SPE 1000

  • Reduce Customer’s downtime
  • Quick Installation
  • Financing options available
  • Easy install
  • Custom options
  • Plug-in Modules