Operator's Stations with Edge Connect CNC

Plasma Technologies Integrated Operators Stations comes with a 15 Inch Touch Screen and run on a Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC. Our Operators Stations work seamlessly with Plasma Technologies AC Drives and most brands of Plasma and Oxy Fuel. Each console can be customized to fit up to 8 Oxy-fuel torches, up to 4 Plasma torches and marker functions. Our Operators Stations is made up of a monitor console which controls the jog speed and your machines movement in addition we have an operators console which includes the control switches, E-Stop and Preheat. The main wiring connects to a rear-mounted control/drive box. This keeps the large volume of wires in the back, and out of the way of the torches.

Our Operators Station eliminate most of the wiring to the front panel. This reduces the possibility for heat damage to the cables and makes for an easier installation.

  • Rear mounted wiring makes connections easier, and troubleshooting simpler.
  • A cost effective way to eliminate old wiring, and you don’t have to be an Electrical Engineer to work on it.
  • All operators panels are anodized aluminum with engraved legends which won’t wear off
  • Digital Servo Position Control
  • Wireless Networking for Part Programs and Nests
  • TrueHole Compatible for Superior Hole Quality
  • 15 Inch Color Touch Screen

*We use CSA or equivalent approved components to satisfy machine inspections CSA Model Code SPE 1000

Plasma Technologies 15 Inch Operators Station

Plasma Technologies 15 Inch Operators Station