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Erosion of the Nozzle and/or Electrode is usually caused by Gas Leaks, Contamination or the Torch striking the Work piece. This can cause the Arc to be unstable and touch the inside of the nozzle.

When that happens it eats out the nozzle bore and the arc is no longer straight. If the Arc is not straight, then the cut angle is no longer small or consistent.

The remedy is to change the affected torch parts.

Gas Manifold on Cutting Machine

Gas Manifold

 Some Causes

A: Leaking Hose Fittings will affect the volume and pressure inside the torch.
B: Torch Contacting the Work piece. This pinches off the Gas Flow.
C: If using Air, for Plasma and/or Shield, any water or oil in the air will rapidly erode the electrode and nozzle. The Air should be clean & dry. If you can Spray Paint with it you can Plasma Cut with it.


Find and Fix All the gas Leaks.  Check that all gas pressures are correct (Data can be found in the manufacturers Cut Charts)
Make sure the Torch does not contact the Work piece while cutting. If using a Torch Height Controller check that the proper parameters are used.

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