HVAC / Small Cutting Machine Retrofits

Small Cutting Machine Upgrades

Are you an HVAC contractor or Fabricator who has a small to mid-sized cutting machine? (5 to 8 feet wide) Is it frequently breaking down and costing expensive down time? We can help. If you cannot wait months for a new machine, then you need an upgrade.

Plasma Technologies is now offering a HVAC CNC & Drive system that makes upgrading small / medium sized cutting machines easier and economical. For around half the price of a new system, our LC-1 Retrofit Package is the answer. This is not some flashy hobby grade software stuffed into a low cost laptop driving windshield flimsy motors. Our System uses high quality industrial, components including Hypertherm’s Edge Connect Fully Digital CNC. The drive train is industry leading, Yaskawa Sigma 7 components. Designed to work in the demanding environment found in the ‘Real World’, these industrial grade components allow for years of trouble-free service with and minimal maintenance.

Plasma Technologies offers 200 & 400 Watt drive options. Our system is designed to integrate easily to Lockformer, Cybermation, MG, C&G, Koike, Pinnacle and other small / medium two, three and four axis cutting machines.

C&G Cutting Machine

Plasma Technologies does not subscribe to the one size fits all methodology which is why we built in flexibility for your exact application. We offer customized controls beyond just a Plasma Torch. Routers, Markers and Automated Control of your Exhaust Handler if needed.

You won’t find a generic Control Panel with unused holes plugged on any of our products. You get exactly what you need. Without breaking the bank.

If your machine is showing its age, and needs a cost effective solution without purchasing an expensive new system, we are here to help. If you can’t afford unscheduled downtime, plan on retrofitting before disaster strikes.

*We use CSA or equivalent approved components to satisfy machine inspections CSA Model Code SPE 1000

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