Definition of Cutting Machine Retrofit

Websters Dictionary definition of retrofit is: to furnish (something, such as a computer, airplane, or machine) with new or modified parts or equipment not available or considered necessary at the time of manufacture.

We further define retrofit as change in design or equipment, to a machine tool already in operation, in order to incorporate later improvements to operation, safety, reliability or economy of operation.

The idea of retrofitting has been around a long time. The idea came to light in the 1940s during WW II. Advances to ships, airplanes and other weapons, were outpacing manufacturing’s abilities to replace them. To keep up with the rate of advancement and to keep from being outdated many older systems were retrofitted with advanced weaponry. This was quicker and more economical than building new.
The concept of retrofitting really became popular in the 1970s. Old factories, buildings and houses were updated to make them more efficient instead of putting up new structures.

The same idea holds true with machine tools and specifically cutting machines. When new, your machine was working well and over the years it slowly degraded in accuracy and reliability. You are increasingly having a harder time finding replacement parts. The cost of downtime (farming out cutting and delays to production) are piling up and eating at the bottom line.

If this describes your machine(s) you don’t need to replace the whole machine. We can replace the old drives, motors and computer system with new current production items. You’re a fabricator, look at the machine. The most expensive item is the frame, rails and table. Chances they are not worn out. Bearings, gearboxes and the drive electronics are what’s making it go KLUNK. All you really need to do is replace the technology and moving bits! We can give your older machine new life by upgrading and not replacing. If you allow us to modernize your system you will have a machine that will last you for years to come without the huge cost associated with a brand-new system. Usually in a fraction of the time required to replace.
Typical new machines take 8-30 weeks to arrive on expensive dedicated trucks and possibly at oversize rates. The old machine needs to be removed and the new rails and table need to be installed. This also takes 1-3 extra weeks. This could be an expensive wait if the machine is down.

Some of the advantages of choosing the retrofit option are;
1. Cost affective, often less than half the price of new
2. Less unscheduled downtime, deliveries typically in 4 weeks or less
3. Better precision and cutting accuracy
4. Custom options so your machine will do exactly what you need it to

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