Retrofit vs New

So your old cutting machine is dead or dying. What do you do? Replace it or retrofit it with new controls, torches and drives.

Obviously we want you to retrofit your old machine. We do not sell new machines. The most expensive part of a cutting machine is the frame. It is a precision fabrication, and expensive to replace. A retrofit will keep the existing frame and rails, and add all the new electronics a new one would have. And at about half the price. As long as the frame is still square, and the rails don’t have the stuffing beaten out of them, we can make an old machine cut like a new one.

Downtime is usually important, and a retrofit can be done in a fraction of the time than to get and install a new machine. 4-8 weeks is a average delivery time for a retrofit. A new machine could take three to six months to deliver and up to 4 weeks to install.

With the updated controls, you will get better productivity, reliability, and in some cases the machine can be made Hypertherm True Hole compatible.

Contact us today, and we can get yours running like new again.