Used Cutting Machines

Koike Supergraph 8X25 Plasma Cutting Machine $55,000

96 x 300 inch sheet size. Includes Hypertherm Edge Pro CNC, New 3 Axis ½ HP AC Servo Drives, Hypertherm HPR130 XD Auto Gas High Definition Plasma System and High Speed Torch Height Controller.

Pictures shown prior to New 3 Axis  ½ HP Brushless AC Servo Drive Retrofit. Uses all Industrial Grade components. (No Hobby Grade parts ever.) System has been removed and is available to ship in 4 weeks. Let us know your needs and we can provide you with a Quote. The machine is available now.

Koike Duct Master 5X10 HVAC Plasma Cutting Machine $35,000

Koike Duct Master 5x10 Plasma Cutting Machine. Includes Hypertherm digital Edge Connect CNC. Plasma Technologies recently rebuilt Koike Ductmaster Plasma Cutting machine.  With working Edge Pro CNC, Plasma Technologies 400 Watt AC Servo drive system.  Can be configured to include lifter or roller ball along with any plasma cutter.  (Pictures show lifter and Powermax 65) We can sell new Hypertherm PowerMax plasma and torch height controls systems to come with this for extra.  Feel free to call Plasma Technologies to ask for more details.  This can be configured to fit your specific needs with various Plama and Torch Height Controller options. System is in stock and ready to ship immediately. Does not include Freight or Installation.