Used Cutting Machines

Koike Duct Master 5X10 HVAC Plasma Cutting Machine $46,000

Koike Duct Master 5x10 HVAC Plasma Cutting Machine. Includes Hypertherm digital Edge Connect CNC and new PowerMax 65 plasma torch. Yaskawa Digital AC Servo Drive System. This can be configured to fit your specific needs with various Plama and Torch Height Controller options. System is in stock and ready to ship immediately. Does not include Freight or Installation.

Messer Edge Mate 100 Cutting Machine. $40,000

10 Foot Wide by 20 Foot Long Cutting Area. Includes: Burny Phantom CNC,DC 2 Axis Drive System, Single Oxy-Fuel Torch,  Innerlogic Proline 2200 High Definition Plasma System and a new Inova Torch Height Controller.  
Does Not include Freight, Installation or Cutting Table