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For over 25 years, Plasma Technologies has helped countless clients improve their cutting machines through our products and retrofit services. Product wise, We offer AC servo drives, as well as operator stations to help improve your machinery.

If you’re in the process of rebuilding a cutting machine, our AC servo drive systems will serve as the ideal foundation for your project. Undoubtedly, the CNC & the drive are the most important parts of the cutting machine, since they control all of the moving parts of the machines.

Servo motors are renowned for their reliability, and the AC servo drive is how the machine is controlled. More specifically, the CNC machine needs an intermediary between the motors and the computer systems to convey to the motors where they should go to cut widgets and other shapes, thus providing your end product with the precision you seek. We work with customers who make end products for a wide range of customers.

Notably, we offer AC servo drives to suit machines of a wide range of sizes; simply contact us, and one of specialists will help you every step of the way and provide you with the product that best suits the specific needs of your machine.

In addition, we provide operator stations that come equipped with a user friendly, 19’’ touch screen. These operation stations run on a Hypertherm Edge Connect CNC, and they work with nearly all Plasma and Oxy Fuel brands.

Advantageously, the consoles can be customized depending on the amount of torches and marker functions you need, and the station will help you reduce the chances of wiring and heat damage at your setup. See the Operator’s Station page for a closer look of the features and benefits.

Whether you’re looking for an AC servo drive for a Hypertherm Plasma or you need a user friendly operator station to control jog speed, Plasma Technologies is here to help. Please note, we can also perform cutting machine retrofits if your machine needs to be updated. For more information, contact us today.

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